What is Sex Furniture?

Are you bored of your routine sex life and looking for something new? Have you ever considered sex furniture? No, your regular bed is not your sex furniture no matter how many times you have made love on it. A sex furniture is a type of furniture which is especially designed to have sex on. Also, termed as “erotic furniture”, these furniture pieces are ergonomically designed to assist in various sexual positions.

Types of sex furniture

There is a wide range of sex furniture. Some of the most popular options include:

Sex swing

Swings enable you to enjoy sex on air, defying the force of gravity. Most of the swings have seating for one partner who receives while another performs the act. But some swings have places for both the partners and mostly they offer a unique 360 degree spin that transcends sex on the swing to a whole new level. You can try out a great lot of positions on a sex swing, such as 69, oral sex, doggy-style sex and so on.

Sex wedges & ramps

These furniture pieces come up with an intelligent angled surface that assures better support when you are planning to make the most of missionary sex. No longer would you have to stack up pillows for easy support during G-spot penetration. These are great for doggy-style sex as well. A lot of couples start their journey into sex furniture world with sex wedges & ramps as these are affordable & user-friendly.

Sex chaises & loungers

If you want something newer than the typical sofa to have sex on, the sex chaises & loungers will be amazing for you. The Chaises offer a smooth flat surface where you can enjoy vaginal sex at its peak. The loungers are more stylish. Some of the loungers come in the shape of big bean bags which can even double up as cool seats when there are guests at home.

Other popular types of sex furniture:

  • Spanking bench
  • Sex gliders
  • Fisting slings
  • Pillories and stocks
  • Smotherboxes
  • Sawhorses
  • Love Chair

Benefits of sex furniture

Sex furniture assures a myriad range of benefits.

Better positions during sensual acts

Sex furniture items are especially designed for sexual or intimate acts. Hence you will always have a better experience while carrying different sexual positions on furniture pieces than on normal bed and sofa. For example, a missionary position on a sex lounger will be much better than on your bed with so many pillows around.

The moot point is sex furniture items are strategically tailored to help you place and position your body in better pleasurable angles. Moreover, as these items are designed for erotic acts, they will relieve you from the usual fatigue that you usually encounter while having sex on your regular bed or sofa.

Ability to try out new positions

There are some sex positions that you cannot achieve without sex furniture. For example, if you want the thrill of aerial sex, you have to get a sex swing. In fact, with sex furniture you will be able to delve into the exciting world of more advanced erotic acts and sex positions.

Great for people with disabilities

For people with disabilities, sex furniture is a great help to try to various sexual acts that are otherwise challenging for them while they do them on a regular bed. For example, the sex wedges is excellent when a person with physical issues wants to try doggy-style. Wedges takes weight off the knees that make doggy-style enjoyable for people suffering with limb or knee problems.

Just make sure to keep in mind your and your partner’s body weight while buying a sex furniture.