Unleash Your Wild in Bedroom with Fox Tail

Butt plug tails are amazingly cool. They are mostly used as part of BDSM plays but you can also incorporate in your normal love life. You must have already heard of cat plug tails and dog plug tails. But, if you want something wilder and unique, swear by the fox plug tails. They are best to unleash your inner foxy babe and wow your partner with your wild moves. One of the best bits about these tail plugs is that they can be used by both men and women. Whether you are in a straight relationship or in a same-sex one, you can always adopt fox tail plugs to add some extra zing to your intimate plays.

They look impressive

Fox tail butt plugs are always a sight to behold. Just the very thought of soft long fur wiggling in between your cute butt cheeks is enough to make your man croon in delight. Now just imagine his ecstasy when he will actually see swinging tail before his eyes!

Fox tail butt plugs come with either real fur or faux fur. If you want a tail plug with real fur, make sure the manufacturer has used the “refused parts” of animals only. On the other hand, if you want a completely vegan option, faux fur would be the thing for you.

Most often you will find the fox tail plugs in real tail color such as fawn, brown, beige and black. But then, if you want some fancy options, there are fox tails plugs available today in a wide range of colors. From pink to red to even rainbow- you will be spoilt for color choices.

Different materials to choose from

You must be wondering about the types of materials used here. Well, like the regular plugs, the fox tail ones too are available in diverse range of materials. To give you a better look of what quality fox tail looks like, head over to lovegasm.

One of the most popular among these is surely silicone fox tail butt plugs. Silicone is always a preferred choice as it’s body-safe, comfortable to use as well as a breeze to clean. But, when you use a silicone plug, don’t use a silicone lube. The best option here would be a water-based lubricant.

Then, you also have glass fox tail butt plugs. These are made of tempered glass and hence extremely durable. On top of that, glass plugs are always stylish. Another thing to stress here is that glass plugs would be great for temperature plays.

Metal is another common material used for fox tail butt plugs. The classy metallic shine beautifully complements the plush feel of the tail fur. Besides, metal plugs are always highly durable. Then, yes, you can also use the metal plugs for a sensual temperature play.

Types of fox tail butt plugs

Fox tail butt plugs are essentially regular plugs suffixed by a thick furry tail at the end. In regards to the plug body, you will get them in the same teardrop shape with a smooth texture- as you see with a regular butt plug.

However, you will also find these plugs in two other variants

Ribbed plugs– These plugs come with elevated spiral ridges that lead to added sensation and more excitement as they pass along the anal muscles.

Vibrator plugs– These are fox tail butt plugs with built-in vibrator. A powerful vibrating buzz as the plug fills your backdoor will stimulate you even more and reward you with an explosive orgasm.

Tips to enjoy fox tail butt plugs

You must be all excited now to try out the fox tail butt plugs with your partner. The good thing is here is a brief on how to have the most with your fox tail plug.

Perform a lapdance

Does your man have a thing for lapdance? Well, then he must be excited about a nude lapdance with you sporting the fox tail. So, tell him to take off your clothes and then remove his clothes as well. After that, request him to insert the butt plug inside you. Make sure to use plenty of lube for a convenient insertion.

Let him take his seat and turn on a sultry music. When the mood is set, perform a sensuous lap dance on his lap. He would love to see you grooving to your glory with the tail wiggling to and fro. Wiggle the tail on his penis to delight him with soft cute furry tickles.

BDSM play

If you two are okay with BDSM, the fox tail butt plug would make a cool prop.

You can try out animal play session with your partner with the tail. If your partner is the dom, he will make you kneel on all four and insert the plug inside you. Then, he can come forward and command for a sensuous oral.

Otherwise he can make you walk along with the plug inside. Foxes are wild and hard to tame. So, to make things more interesting, you may throw tantrums and refuse to be under his control. He will spank you with his feather whip till you come down to obey him.

Give a nude massage

Fox tail plugs are sexy to the core. Just a mere glance at them can make a man go crazy and wild. Now, how about titillating him with a nude massage with you sporting the tail plug with pride? Oh, he will love you even more with that. After the massage, you two can gradually cuddle up for a steamy night under the sheets.

Safety tips

As mentioned previously, you should always use a lubricant while you are using a butt plug. The same goes with a fox tail butt plug. You will need to lubricate not just the toy but the anal opening as well for a breezy entry. Then, try to avoid unsafe materials like rubber or plastic. Always go for silicone or metal or glass as they are easy to clean and sanitize. If you are a new user, always make sure to start with a small size. You can buy a set here with plugs in various sizes. After you get acquainted with the basic small size, you can slowly elevate to larger ones.