Inside The World Of Sacrilege Sex

Sex, for some of us, is a sacred act. (But it’s totally fine if you don’t identify with that statement). It’s a beautiful way to create love and become one with one another. Some hold sex to an incredibly high standard, particularly when it comes to spirituality, like those practicing chastity as gift to partners. Then, there are the people who like to really bring the devilish side of themselves out in the bedroom. And that’s where sacrilegious sex comes into play. Sacrilege sex is actually a lot more common than you think. Here’s the scoop on this bizarre, spiritual-yet-not sex fetish.comments section below.

As Many May Already Know, Sometimes What Makes Something So Attractive Is The Fact That It’s Taboo. This has held true for a lot of things. In fact, that may actually be why marijuana, raves, and gangster rap are as popular as they are. They are taboo subjects or they happen to broach taboo subjects. For some folks this attraction to taboo is a lot stronger than others.

Sacrilege Sex Can Come In A Very Wide Variety Of Shapes, But The Common Theme Is That It Would Seriously Offend Your Local Priest. In other words, it involves doing things that are considered to be unholy by major religions. More often than not, this fetish focuses in on Christian tenets, religious figures, and religious symbols. As you can imagine, churches don’t like this.

“Bless You Father, For You Have Sinned…A Lot!” Clergy fetishism is very common in this kink, and that may mean that they might fetishize nuns. As in, they may actually order a nun outfit for sexual purposes. Sometimes, female kinksters with this fetish may go after a Catholic priest outfit…or an actual priest if they are bold enough.

Oh, And Some Even Go So Far As To Fetishize Certain Religious Organization Members. This is actually surprisingly common among people who fetishize members of religions that are famous for only dating within their religions. By having sex with someone of that religion, they feel like they’re doing something dirty – and also probably doing something that would be against church rules.

“Cross Goes Where, Now?” Remember how we said that this kink is all about ticking off the church? Well, that might be why there are some sex toy companies that have actually started to make toys in the shape of crosses and other holy symbols. We’re pretty sure that this goes against at least one church’s pro-abstinence teachings…

Oh, And They Have Special Catholic-Themed Sex Toys As Well. It’s hard to believe for some, but it’s true. VICE for example boasted about a company that makes religion-themed sex toys. One of the toys in question was a Baby Jesus Butt Plug. So, yes, you too can give birth to the good Lord.

You Can Also Apparently Mix Sacrilege With Other Kinks. For example, the Holy Water Plug is a good two inches of shiny cold metal that is made for sticking down someone’s urethra, and it’s other end is in the shape of a cross. And, when it’s in your urethra, you can pee out of a cross…because why the heck not!? This is probably a sacrilegious watersports fan’s dream come true.

It Gets Even More Insane, If You Can Believe It. For example, some people might actually decide to have sex with a bible. (Yes, they make bible-shaped sex toys for men to use, too. This one is called “The Bible Thumper.”) As one could imagine, they also make toys shaped like the Devil, the Virgin Mary, as well as Buddha.

As Hilarious As It Sounds, There’s Also A Dark Side To This Kink. After all, poking fun at holy things is funny. But, sacrilegious behavior also may include a sexual attraction to demons or “black masses” like the ones that you’d expect in a particularly X-rated B-movie flick. This can have a much darker undertone, which makes it more sexy than funny to the average person.

This Fetish Often Has A Costumed Approach When It Comes To Acting Things Out. The more demon-focused side of this kink also tends to be just as BDSM focused as its nun/priest counterparts. And, it’s also a lot easier for people to act out. Let’s be honest, sexy devil girl costumes are super easy to come by. All that you have to do is find one that may work with a fantasy of being taunted by a demon or seduced by a succubus to get this fetish on.

There Are Definitely Some Roleplay Scenarios That Seem To Work Well With This Kink. For example, pretending to be attacked by a succubus is a common one. Pretending to have sex with the Devil also is pretty common. Others may fantasize about seducing nuns at a Catholic school, or “turning” a Catholic priest into a sinner. Basically, the sky’s the limit here.

It’s Hard To Tell Where This Fetish And Kink Comes From. However, it’s likely to do with a lot of the things they may have picked up from growing in a highly religious environment. After all, the stricter people are with you, the more likely it is that you will want to rebel. This may be a form of rebellion – albeit, a very sexualized form.

And Some Might Even Go So Far As To Hold A Kinky “Black Mass.” These kinds of parties are all about doing things that would make a typical priest boil over with rage. Costumed attire, faux “ceremonies,” and maybe one or two “naughty priests” might be a normal occurrence at these. But, these parties are very few and far between.

We Cannot Honestly Tell You Whether Or Not Actually Participating In This Kink Will Send You To H-E-L-L. But somehow, it’s pretty safe to say that this kink probably offends at least one or two people. We don’t know what makes us say that, but let’s just blame the Baby Jesus Butt Plug, okay?

Or, It Could Just Be For The Aesthetics Of It. Simply put, there is something oddly hot about the idea of sleeping with a devil or sleeping with a priest. With a little twist on the typical costumer, we think it’s safe to say that the fetish may be a lot more understandable to the typical outsider.