Best toys and practices for anal play

The main function is to increase the sensitivity of the genital organs, enhancing sensations by stimulating the erogenous points located on the walls of the vagina. They also contribute to the training of muscles. What is the best lubricant for a butt plug? Lets understand from the basics.

Balls come in different sizes, shapes and from different materials, and some even have a built-in vibration, some are small in size like those vibrators opt for travelling. In choosing the size and weight is important – it is worth starting with small and light.

Clitoral vibrator-duck

If you know that the best type of stimulation for you is the caress of the clitoris, then this is the ideal option. Such a vibrator is characterized by an elaborate anatomical shape, some vibrators even look like robots, which allows it to deliver the maximum pleasure, which is not always possible with vaginal stimulation. By the way, it is very convenient to use in the shower and bathroom. And he is beautiful!

Butt plug

The toy has several functions – firstly, it can serve as a means of warming up before a full-fledged act, secondly – prolonged wear stimulates bright sensations. It can also be used during traditional sex, since then the woman’s vagina narrows, vaginal stimulation is felt more clearly and orgasms become more intense and prolonged. It is also said that if at the time of orgasm you begin to gradually remove it from the anus, then the orgasm will acquire a new sharpness, it will be stronger and longer.

Vibrator for two

This device allows you to get pleasure both independently and to two partners. The vibrator is worn in such a way that one part massages the clitoris, and the other stimulates point G. The part that is inside the woman is thin enough to have classical sex in parallel. But the effect for both men and women will be much better.

How to choose your first anal plug

Some time ago, the sex industry celebrated the rampant “fashion” for anal sex, and interest in this topic does not become less. Why is that? If we reject purely male interests in this process, your pleasure remains – after all, anal sex can be very pleasant. Anal sex is an interesting and sensual practice that can – with the observance of safety rules – bring great pleasure to a woman.

Do we need a member?

Sex shops do not accidentally offer such a rich assortment of devices for anal penetration. With their help, you can try if you like this kind of caress but not only. Butt plug is the same way to try “double penetration” sex without attracting a real person and minimizing the risk of injury. To avoid disappointment, instead of a third partner, attract a toy.


There are two sphincters in the body of any person: we can control the force of the will by squeezing and relaxing the muscles when we need it. But the internal sphincter is beyond our control and shrinks when the body needs it. Therefore, the main rule in anal games is delicacy. If we can relax one of the sphincters ourselves, then the other must be relaxed with full responsibility so as not to damage the mucous membrane and cause involuntary muscle contraction with sharp movements. It is this feature of the structure of the human body that formed the basis of the most basic principle, according to which we advise you to choose the anal plug.

What do you want?

To choose the butt plug, first of all determine how you want to use it because there are many uses including plugs for intense anal games. Butt plugs for the most part are divided into two types: those that are needed to prepare for anal sex, and those that are used during vaginal sex as an additional stimulant.

The cork, which you can use during sex, has a round shape and a stopper, which is attached to the base with a narrow bridge, which allows the toy to lock in and reliably protects it from slipping deep. The jumper of such toys will be thin, because there is no need to prepare the sphincters for penetration, therefore, they do not need to be activated. The task of anal plugs for vaginal sex is to enhance the feelings of both partners.

Corks that help prepare for anal sex are called anal starters. Most often they are wedge-shaped, and the stopper joins the cork body itself, without having a pronounced jumper in front of it. This form of toys allows you to most effectively prepare the anus for subsequent sexual contact. The body gets used to the feeling of fullness and to the fact that the sphincters can be in a new position for them.

The size of the cork should be chosen based on your own preferences, but small toys are better suited for the first experience. The most important thing – always pay attention to the stopper: the diameter of its base should be much wider than the diameter of the lintel so that the cork cannot fall inside. When this happens, sometimes it turns out to retrieve a toy on its own, but sometimes you have to seek the help of specialists. A very important factor when choosing a cork will be the material from which it is made.


As a rule, in the manufacture of such anal plugs borosilicate glass is used – it does not beat, but you don’t need to drop a toy of such material from a great height (and you don’t need to beat it with a hammer either). The peculiarity of such material is that it has a longer shelf life than others; such a cork can be stored for decades for careful use. In addition, the glass is unpretentious in the choice of lubricant – you can use any.


Corks from such material are distinguished by rigidity, durability and a certain weight. It is easy to wash metal; with it is possible to use any greasing. And the butt plug from such material is perfect for games with temperature, since the metal is very susceptible to its changes – the toy can be heated under a stream of hot water or, alternatively, cooled.

Medical Silicone

Hypoallergenic, delicate and velvety to the touch material, which does not cause irritation, is easy to clean and gives you a very pleasant sensation when in contact with the skin. A cork made of such material can be inside for up to six hours. As a rule, butt plugs are not made of silicone entirely, but are only covered with it from above, but this does not prevent us from enjoying the amazing smoothness of the material. Silicone-based lubricant is not suitable for use in tandem. Butt plugs can have various functionalities, for example, vibration or the ability to mechanically expand already inside the body. They can be decorated with a rhinestone or tail, smooth or ribbed. The choice is yours.

What else is important to pay attention to?

For lack of seams and roughness: what could be uncritical for vaginal penetration is of particular importance in the case of the anus.

To handle toys after. Be sure to use a special cleaning agent – plain water with soap does not kill all the bacteria that will be on it after use. You can also just use the toy in a condom. On the grease without it, do not even think to try. Pay attention to what will be combined with your toy, take a special for anal sex. More information about the lubricants we wrote here.

Anal stimulators without vibration

Butt plugs, perhaps, one of the most demanded goods in sex a shop. The fact is that over the past few years, men and women have increasingly favored anal caresses to diversify their intimate life. With the help of anal plug, you can significantly enhance the sensations and at the same time remove all kinds of psychological complexes, as well as prepare a partner for anal sex. By the way, you can buy stimulants and traffic jams right on this page of the online store, at reasonable prices, with a guarantee of anonymity.

Butt plugs: appointment

The anal opening is the strongest erogenous zone in humans and it would be foolish to ignore it. If skillfully influenced, anal sex will be pleasant and unique, will open new sensations and give the highest arousal to both partners. The main purpose of anal plugs:

Strengthening sensations: The toy is often used by women after childbirth. Alas, but the birth of a child has a negative effect on the walls of the vagina. They become stretched and weaker. Because of this, both man and woman get less pleasure from sex. With the help of anal plug can correct the situation;

Preparing for anal sex: Use will allow preparing an anus for sex, it will pass without serious consequences and pleasantly. This is a prerequisite especially in using big dildos for slave anal play;

Getting new sensations: Just think about how sexy your darling will look, who will take advantage of the anal plug with a tail.

In addition to traffic jams and stimulants, you can buy other accessories for anal caress and read tips from here on how to take a good care of your toys and yourself to avoid unwanted complications. For example, it is anal balls, chains and others. All toys are made of high quality material, namely silicone, glass, metal and others. By the way, metal butt plugs have a special status among fans of this kind of entertainment.