About Us

Pomodoroebasilico.org is an online blog dedicated to nun and priest porn fetish. It’s a taboo, we know that already, and we have followers in major cities thru the US now who also share the same passion. We aim to educate people and make it known to them that this is just a fetish. We’ll easily surpass this goal by the end of this year, and we’re already preparing to make more significant projects for this site in the upcoming years.

We’re also using this site as a platform to network with like-minded fans, and to create a community where experienced individuals can mentor newbies just starting to explore, and where newbies can chat with other beginners to share their ideas and disappointments. This kind of fetish is much harder when you try to explore it alone.

Outside of this site, we’re also a huge fan of fisting, especially of the beautiful, emotional connection that occurs between the fisting partners. A nun-priest fetish is a fantastic tool for “fisters” because it forces your focus on the act of fisting and takes away the distraction of penis stimulation. Most of our fisting brothers tell us that they can achieve greater depth and girth when they fist.