About Us

Ricardo Goodson, a sex blogger from Colorado, runs and maintains pomodoroebasilico.org. He started writing about his sexcapades when he was a teenager in college. As a boy who was going through puberty, he discovered plenty of fetishes that he enjoyed. He was always on the search for something that provokes his sexual desires until he came across a video where a nun is being fucked by a priest. A video that goes against every belief that he has. It felt wrong on so many levels, but he kept coming back to it. In fact, all he could watch were videos with a similar theme. He was so drawn to the fetish that he decided to launch a blog about it, where he could document his thoughts and as a collection of photos and videos that he found on the internet.

Today, pomodoroebasilico.org has become a great source of dirty priest-nun fetish gallery of photos and videos, sex tip articles, product reviews, and recommendations. We have a team that scours the internet for the latest content that will add value to our audience’s life between the sheets.

We feature some of the most interesting stories from our community because they always share some of the most impressive content this website has ever posted. A lucky reader is selected among thousands of submissions every month and our editors carefully select the reader of the month. You may send your article submissions to hello@pomodoroebasilico.org, and wait for our reply if your article will be featured.